Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019


Rastafari Groundation

Selamta Family:

These educational resource pages will continue to be updated with the  necessary educational resource material needed for your continued studies, ministries and homeschooling activities and courses.
As some pages & files are large please give it a few seconds to load or download. Also, make sure that you have Adobe Reader Installed so that you may view & download PDF Books. So if you don't have it then you can download a copy of Acrobat Reader FREE at www.adobe.com.

Free Educational Books | Rastafari Archive Library
Invitation | Rastafari Order of the Church of KRSTOS
A’EMMRO | AYMERO Rastafari Study Tracts
Daily Blessings in Amharic and Hebrew - Blessings - ባረከ - አመሰገነ
Amharic | Learn the Pure Language of the King Of Kings Kingdom!
MeQuTeria (3 Fold)
Ethiopian Hebrew HolyDays (Holidays)
Torah Study | Reading Archive Resources
Eternal Life New Covenant Creed
RasTafari Prisoners Ministry
Sayings Not Found in Scripture