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RasTafari Redemption | Ethiopian-Hebrew RasTafari HeritageAbout Our Heritage

RasTafari Redemption גְּאוּלָּה (gullah) is a livity (lifestyle) that allows one to walk in a manner of righteousness and by implication strengthen one’s relationship between Yah and man through His grace.

Ras, which in Amharic means Head; in Hebrew רוֹאשׁ ro’sh (literal or figuratively) speaking.
Ta, in Amharic means to be; in Hebrew הָיָה hâyâh which means to exist; to be
Fari, in Amharic means to be revered/feared ; in Hebrew יָרֵא yare’ which means to to fear, reverence, honour, respect

Tafari – The One who is to be feared; respected or reverenced.

RasTafari Redemption | Ethiopian-Hebrew RasTafari Heritage

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