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Visit FaceookVisit YouTubeShalom, Selamta, Bienvenidos, Greetings to all, I, Wendim Alonso Tafari of “The Lion of Judah Society” of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY FIRST POWER OF THE TRINITY, IN & THROUGH I&I BLACK LORD & SAVIOUR IYESUS KRISTOS. This short message is to be received as a brief promotion to I&I mission purposed in this I new channel; RasTafari Fellowship2 is the I-tinuation of RasTafariFellowship on youtube. Thus I&I will hence forth be reporting for the LION OF JUDAH SOCIETY from this new channel on youtube: Ras Tafari Fellowship2, THE LION OF JUDAH SOCIETY is a non-prophet organization to whom it hath been given be received in covenant, caught up to JAH ALMIGHTY! I&I purpose is to support the recipient of the ark promised in-bodied (in the body) of the Society upon whose shoulder rest in succession to I&I Fathers throne, with Iyesus Kristos as Head that I&I be to inherit the WORD which I&I now preach! GIVE US THE TEACHINGS OF HIS MAJESTY! This I&I purpose having received the full revelation of RASTAFARI i

RasTafari Fellowship2 | LOJSociety EspañolRasTafari Fellowship2 | LOJSociety Español

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