Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

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The Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah MissionSelamta ina Tena Yistilign Wendimoche!

Greetings & May Peace be Given to You My Bredren!

Thank you for your interest in the Lion Of Judah RasTafari Prisoners Ministry.  We are grateful you are here and hope you find our Site both informative and inspiring.  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the LOJ and our focus for the foreseeable future. Yah Willing!

Let’s begin with LOJ’s approach with legal matters and the “system” we are often asked to address.  Religious Accommodation Requests, Hair and or Beard Exemption Requests, Head Covering/Wearing of Caps (Tams) Request, Special Diet (Meals) Request,  Vaccination/Immunization Exemption Letters, Community Service Letters.  LOJ Society of His Imperial Majesty is not a political organization nor are we political activists.  We have no direct involvement with prison reform of any kind from a secular worldview.  LOJ is not a “legal counseling” service but rather a “spiritual counseling” outreach ministry service.  We do not get involved with any court proceedings, including appeals, sentence reduction, etc.  Finally, we do not provide any re-entry services such as housing, job placement, clothing, or things of that nature.

So, who are we and what do we do?
We are an Outreach Ministry; a “Free the Prisoners” Ministry.  Our focus is firstly and foremostly Spiritual based upon the individual looking for help.  We freely offer a variety of spiritual reading materials. We provide many types of support letters on our organization’s ministry letter head, signed and officially sealed.  We promote and provide at least a year-long Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course and Curriculum Packages for those in need of a more structured Program.  We also offer H.I.M. Bible Study, Recovery and Spiritual Training Classes on-site where and when available for those who are physically incarcerated.

We utilize the Scofield Study Bible (English-based 1611 KJV), the 1961 Authorized Version of Haile Selassie I Royal Amharic Bible, the Selected Teachings (Public Utterances & Interviews) of His Imperial Majesty, the A’EMRO 30-Step Lesson Program and A Course in Amharic & Bible Home Schooling, simply because that is what worked and still is working for us in the perfection of the Way, the Truth and the Life Eternal!!!

Now to the “heartbeat” (do good) of who we are.  Over and over, we experience the devastation, loneliness and pain of a “lost sheep” generation of men and women incarcerated because of the “war on drugs” around the world.  The prisons are terribly overcrowded and house more of our fellow and potential citizens (of the Kingdom of God) than ever before.  Yet, we never seem to “win” this war…Yet!  And, Why Not?  Is it really a “war”, a SPIRITUAL WAR or, as some can comprehend it, it is an overt sign of the immense spiritual deprivation that this country and the “world” now suffers from?  We are not speaking of a pseudo dogma, creedo or an institution in particular; what we are addressing is the TRUE lack of a spiritual connection with a Higher Power, the True God and Father of Our Lord and Saviour YESUS KRISTOS.

What the Bible says about Prison Ministry

Iyesus began His earthly ministry with a bold proclamation of “good news for the poor” and “freedom for the prisoners” (Luke 4:18). He scandalized the religious establishment by sharing meals with notorious sinners, and as He hung on the cross, He promised eternal life to the thief dying at His side.

When ministering to prisoners with the Gospel Of H.I.M., we follow a path marked out for us by Kristos (Christ), who freely offered salvation to whomever would recognize their need. And we acknowledge that throughout history, God has turned those with checkered pasts – Moses the murderer, Jacob the liar, Rahab the prostitute, and Paul the persecutor – into heroes of the faith. Even more, Iyesus tells us that whatever we do for the “least of these,” including prisoners, we do for Him. Whenever we serve the incarcerated, we meet Iyesus.