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A RasTafari Ministry disseminating JAH Gospel to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people.Lion Of Judah Society | RasTafari Groundation

For the CALLED, CHOSEN and FAITHFUL once "lost-sheep", NOW FOUND - ETHIOPIAN-HEBREWS (Amos 9:7)! The Conquering "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" (Revelations 5 verse 5), "H.I.M. HAILE SELLASSIE I, the King of kings of ETHIOPIA", Our FATHER - ABBATACHIN has prevailed and overcome in HIS CHRIST to OPEN and LOOSE THE SEVEN SEALS -

".....A House Built On The ROCK..."

THE FIRST HAILE SELASSIE of ETHIOPIA, Our KING OF KINGS, "Christ in His Kingly Character", encouraged US ALL (I-N-I) regarding the "BROTHERHOOD" and the MYSTICS of ALL AGES... THESE TEACHINGS of H.I.M. in KRSTOS, the True & Faithfull GOODNEWS (aka Gospel) provide the FOUNDATION of LAW-ABIDING STUDY of the HOLY SCRIPTURES and includes ANCIENT HEBRAIC, i.e. JUDAIC TEACHINGS which helps the student OVERSTAND what the "religious" authorities, anti-christs and wannabees neglect to tell and SHARE...AWO!!!!

We do not accept funding from advertising, underwriting or government agencies. We rely on contributions from our members, viewers and listeners support to do JAH Work. Please do your part today.Support the Lion Of Judah

We are a community based “self-help” organized-nation. We also operate as an Information service bureau (INI Biro) distributing k’shateb’rhan (revelation of illumination) through collective educational materials, know-ledge and A’emmro/Aymero (Ras Tefferi Overstanding) pertaining with Ethiopian, Hebrew and Rastafari subject matter. We promote the ancient Tewahido (Oneness) principles of the Ri’itu Haymanot (the Correct Faith, i.e. “ancient Ethiopian Orthodoxy”). Simply, the unity and divinity of the Ethiopian (Black) family universally in H.I.M. THE FIRST HAILE SELASSIE through Eyesus Kristos, Our “ADONAI” and Saviour.

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MAILING ADDRESS: Lion Of Judah Society
305A Halsey Street, Kings County, NY 11216

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HAILE SELASSIE I UNIVERSITY: Books, Publications, Videos and Audio Materials in Hard/Paperback Prints, PDFs, Posters, DVDs, VCDs and CDs +FREE PDF Downloads...
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Prison Ministry

The Lion Of Judah Society’s Prison Ministries needs your support so that we may continue to reach & reply to more RasTafari prisoners requests for religious verification.
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