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This short book contains a wealth of information, together with many dates and references showing that Hansberry was an accomplished researcher.  Knowledge of the ancient Africans and the opinions of other ancients of those Africans.
Free PDF | Pillars in Ethiopian History By William Leo HansberryPILLARS IN ETHIOPIAN HISTORY,The William Leo Hansberry African History Notebook, Volume I Edited by Joseph E. Harris Taken from William Leo Hansberry’s private papers the four essays in Volume I, better described as narrative histories, decipher and remove from the entanglement of myth, legend and spurious historical documentation the pillars of Ethiopia’s unity. The editor, Joseph Harris, is the former chairman of the Department of History at Howard University. AFRICA AND AFRICANS AS SEEN BY CLASSICAL WRITERS, The William Leo Hansberry African History Notebook Volume II Edited by Joseph E. harris volume II of the William Leo Hansberry Notebook interprets, classical comments about Africa and Africans. William Leo Hansberry is considered by many to be the father of African Studies in the United States. During the thirty-seven years that Hansberry taught at Howard University, he laid the foundations for the systematic study of African History culture and politics.

Teacher, educator and researcher, William Leo Hansberry was very active in writing and teaching about early African civilizations. Over a career which spanned several decades, he also spent time in Egypt, Sudan and other parts of Africa.

In “Pillars in Ethiopian History” Joseph E Harris (Editor) has presented four of Hansberry’s essays which focus specifically on the Axumite empire in the North East of Africa. These essays cover the history of the Queen of Sheba, the development of the Christian Empire in that region, as well as the legendary Christian monarch Prester John and how he became identified with Africa.

This short book contains a wealth of information, together with many dates and references showing that Hansberry was an accomplished researcher. You will be pleased to see that throughout he has offered various points of view based on the different sources of information he used.

The essays give the reader an insight into the power of this early African kingdom, it’s influence in the Arabian peninsular as well with its relationship with the Muslim world and Christian Europe. Whilst this book would be appropriate reference material for a history course, I think it would also benefit the casual reader with an interest in African history. Certainly worth reading!

Pages: 172

Language: English

Free PDF | Pillars in Ethiopian History By William Leo Hansberry

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