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Free PDF Book | Ethiopic Hieroglyphs 2: A Revision to Ethiopian EgyptologyEGYPTOLOGY/Afro-Semitic Languages
This little book is intended to form an easy introduction to the study of the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writings, found on the monuments, papyrus and other inscriptions. The Ethiopic (or, properly GE’EZ) origins of the Nile Valley and the Hebrew Moses, of whom it has been written was, “learned in all the Wisdom of the Egyptians” is further explored herein. Therefore, this has been prepared in order to begin to document some answers to the many unanswered questions and requests made both in Africa and amongst the Diaspora concerning Ethiopian “Egyptology,” i.e. the study of Ancient Egypt, alongside the available Ethiopian manuscripts of the Bible, in Ethiopic and classical Amharic. Thus, this preliminary treatment contains a short account of the decipherment lists and comparative charts of Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a brief sketch of the hieroglyphic system of writing.Free PDF Book | Ethiopic Hieroglyphs 2: A Revision to Ethiopian Egyptology

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