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Blessings | Daily Amharic Bereket & Hebrew Berachot
Ethiopian-Hebrew RasTafari tradition requires that we personally bless the LORD for each detail of our daily experience. Such a requirement — if not practiced legalistically — surely points to a deep inward appreciation for the good things God personally provides for us throughout each day. These sample Amharic-Hebrew blessings vocalize our gratitude to God for His daily provision and care:
Upon Arising
Asher Yatzar Blessing
When Bathing
Blessing for Salvation
Offering Praise
Getting your Focus
Setting your Attitude
Fighting against Evil
Wearing Tzitzit
Wearing Tefillin
Morning Blessing
When Eating Bread
When Drinking Wine
General Blessing over Food
Weekday Morning Blessings
When Smelling Spices
When Smelling Fruit
When Eating Fruit
When Eating Vegetables
When Eating Grain products
Grace after Meals
Before Torah Study
After Torah Study
For Bearing our Burdens
For Meeting our Needs
Affirming God’s Sovereignty
Evening Blessing
Bedtime Blessings

Sabbath Blessing |Senbet Bereket|Shabbat Berachot

Senbet-Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening and ends Saturday night when three stars are visible in the sky. On Shabbat Jews remember that God created the world and then rested from His labors. Shabbat is considered the most important of the Jewish holidays — even more important than Yom Kippur or the other High Holidays. This is a special day to be marked by three qualities: rest (menuchah), holiness (kedushah), and joy (oneg).

Online Shabbat Seder
Mah Tovu
Welcoming Shabbat
Shalom Aleichem
Offering Tzedakah
Candle Lighting
Blessing your wife
Blessing the Children
Friday Night Kiddush
Netilat Yadayim
Blessing over the Challah
Birkat HaMazon
Havdalah Ceremony
Blessing for Jerusalem

Messianic Bereket-Berachot
Messianic blessings are recited in Amharic-Hebrew with the intent of remaining true to the Ethiopian-Hebrew identity of Yeshua as the Mashiach of Israel and Savior of the world. Often these blessings are found in various Messianic Siddurim (prayer books), though (unlike traditional Judaism) there is no consensus on each individual blessing’s content. Nonethess, reciting these blessings with the appropriate kavannah (intention) can often help express the heart of those who identify themselves as Jewish believers in Jesus.
Blessing for Salvation
For the New Covenant
General Thanksgiving
For Bearing our Burdens
Blessing over Bread
Blessing over Wine
Blessing over Candles
Resurrection Blessing
Blessing for Jerusalem
Spiritual Blessings in Messiah
Blessing for the Festivals
Blessing for Forgiveness

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